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Engine Service

Engine service specialist.
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Antunes auto repair understands the importance of having your engine adjusted and running efficiently. We are the company that will fix any motor problem you may have. If the engine has been damaged because the car overheated or the size of the engine because of lack of engine oil. We'll fix it. If the engine is beyond repair, we will also provide a new engine for your vehicle. Our goal is to have your vehicle in perfect working order with the least downtime. To reach this relatively easy goal, we work with you, sending reminders when you need to check in. Paying a few dollars to have your vehicle inspected from time to time does not compare to the inconvenience and safety concerns of car breakdowns. Check your engine weekly and if you notice that the oil level is dropping every time you check, then the engine is losing engine oil. Look under your car and see if there is any wet spot left behind due to an oil leak. If the area is dry, the engine is said to be burning oil; a clear sign that it needs to be corrected. We will take care of all your engine repairs in a timely manner. Whether you need a general fit, a diagnostic check, small or large repairs on your gasoline or diesel engine, the tuning will meet all your mechanical and electrical needs. My reputation for fast and efficient mechanical repairs will get you back on the road in the shortest time possible.

Suspension Specialist

Automotive Suspension Specialist
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Do you know that noise that no one discovers and only you can hear? You need an automotive suspension specialist. He will walk with you in the vehicle to identify what the noise, the attention of the professional, in these cases is redoubled to the correction of the problem.

Electronic regulation and tune-up.

Electronic regulation and tune-up.

The sensors of the electronic injection system must have precision in the measure of several situations. Otherwise, the control unit may misread the pilot mode and the driver's needs, for example to overtake. When there is a problem with the electronic injection system, the warning light of this technology on the instrument panel is permanently lit. In this way, the pilot will know that there is a defect in the system. It is true that the electronic control unit has some preprogrammed settings to prevent the vehicle from suddenly starting to work. Even so, the fault register is stored in the central unit memory. In order to know the defects marked in this memory, the repairer needs to be assisted by a scanner. This equipment allows the diagnosis of defects to be made quickly and accurately. It is worth remembering that, because they are a kind of computer, the electronic centers have hardware and software, which may vary according to the assembler.

Whether it is to breathe new life into a commuter or work vehicle, or for hobby in a classic car, there are many cases in which rebuilding an engine can be a great alternative to replacing one. Generally speaking, rebuilding an engine can be a large task, but one that is very possible with proper research, planning, and preparation.


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    Antunes Auto Repair is here to ensure you get the right parts and the correct repair with honesty. Our services also offer a variety of quality, convenient items to help make your life easier and your driving experience as smooth as possible.
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    Genuine, original, or parallel parts seem to be a doubt of many vehicle owners who want to choose the right part to put in their vehicles. Although the operation of these parts is essentially the same, the small differences between them may be what will differentiate between a trouble-free car and a car full of defects.
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    Dirty air filter: Fortunately an easy repair, air filters can become clogged by debris, so it is important to clean them or replace them. In most cars it is a simple check, and often does not even require tools. A clogged air filter causes the engine to have to work harder to pull air, and can limit the maximum amount of air inside the engine. Less air means less power in the engine.
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    The first vehicle system that you have to check is the ignition system. That means checking carburetor, temperature sensor, injector nozzles, electronic injection center, check the tightening of the system fuel injection system bolts, and check the vehicle starting engine.

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